The only Way to use
Sensitive Data Securely

Do you need to use, share or train an AI model with the insights of sensitive data with highest data security? Be an early adopter and leverage our next gen artificial data powered by our cutting edge generative AI.

Experience unparalleled data precision with our >99% accuracy,
streamline your operations with >50% time savings, while beeing 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Why use Our Artificial Data?

Important Data locked away?

Strict privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA severely limit access to primary sensitive data. This hampers companies' ability to gain valuable insights and share sensitive data without incurring privacy risks.

Unlock this Data and remain safe!

Our artificial data offer a groundbreaking solution by providing full access to information-rich datasets without ever using actual sensitive data. This allows you to conduct sensitive analyses while ensuring the best data security for your customers.

Poor Data Quality?

Primary datasets are often inflexible and of poor quality. Expanding or modifying them – to vary dataset size, fill in gaps or eliminate biases – is costly and time-consuming, stifling data analysis dynamism.

Get the Best in no Time!

Our artificial data restore flexibility and efficiency. Resize or modify your datasets as needed – quickly, cost-effectively, and without the usual barriers associated with primary data.

Artificial (Synthetic) data is just nonsense?

Synthetic data is not merely trivial; it effectively simulates real datasets by mirroring key statistical characteristics, which is essential for tasks like software testing and training machine learning models in situations where real data is limited or privacy-sensitive.

Our Artificial Data keeps Everything from your Primary!

Through to our unique models, our artificial data reflects the complexity and exact correlations of the primary data without compromising even edge cases or extremities. And all that while enabling the highest level of privacy with 0% datapoints from the primary dataset.


Banking & Insurance

Few things are more sensitive than financial information. At the same time, the potential for data-driven optimisation is hardly anywhere greater than in the financial sector. Artificial data from Tabularis.AI enables data-driven business development, whether for fraud detection, AI training or product development, while ensuring the highest level of data protection.

HealthCare & Pharma

Access to high-quality data is crucial for progress in medicine these days. But patient records in particular can only be used to a very limited extent across institutions. Change this by using artificial data and make the insights visible and shareable while the individual patient is safely hidden.


Hardly anything works in modern retail without data. However, customer awareness of data protection is now high. Thanks to flexible data access, Tabularis.AI allows you to act as customer-orientated as you want while guaranteeing your customers the best possible data protection. This means that no-one has to worry about being a "transparent customer" and can still enjoy the customised shopping experience they are used to.


Thanks to our next-generation data protection, sensitive personal research data can be collaborated on and merged globally. Because of full differential privacy, there is never any possibility of identifying individuals. This means that global basic data sets can be created without any relevant loss of quality, revolutionizing research. In this way, we are breaking down data silos in research once and for all.


The analysis of telecoms data such as locations, access type and data volumes is existential in the industry, whether for product development or infrastructure optimisation. At the same time, however, this is extremely private end customer data. With Tabularis.AI, the complete, flexible analysis of all this data is possible at low cost without compromising the privacy of a single customer. 100% GDPR-compliant.


Data collection and preparation is hard work in hardware-driven workflows. Improve supply management with artificial data for predictive maintenance, price forecasting and fraud detection. Reduce costs and increase efficiency with high-quality, GDPR-compliant data to address key industry challenges.


Working with administrative data rightly requires special data security. Nevertheless, we have also arrived here in the data-driven era and so the question of the compatibility of data protection and data utilisation is arising. Thanks to our new level of security, we can combine both without having to make any compromises and enable modern, data-driven methods to be used securely in administration and planning.

How do you employ artificial data in your work?

So much money and time is spent every day to handle sensitive data in a privacy-compliant way. Leave that behind and experience total peace of mind with the next generation of data protection, no matter for what. Because with us, you can separate data and all insights without loss for the first time.

Democratise Data

Grant a team or even different entities access to crucial data, fostering the new era of data freedom without privacy concerns.

Share Data Globally

Seamlessly transfer the artificial data iterations across boundaries and corporate entities, eliminating sharing or collaboration hindrances.

Advance Privacy

Leverage synthetic data to achieve unparalleled data confidentiality coupled with optimal utility.

Efficient Testing & Development

Utilize artificial datasets to improve software production quality while reducing development time.

Optimise AI Models

Use our artificial datasets for train your AI and strongly outperform models trained on primary data.

Ensure AI Fairness & Transparency

Correct inherent biases and improve the explainability of your AI models by using the best artificial training data.


Because we don't just provide fast, user-friendly, no-code, cost-effective access to artificial data for everyone. Tabularis.AI ensures lossless quality!

Confusingly like the original. Just better!

After three years of meticulous research, our artificial data generation stands unrivaled in accuracy. The following example shows a simple map of California and the distribution of houses on it. Next to the original data set you can see the synthetic version of the current market leader and the artificial version from TABULARIS.AI. The more interchangeable these are with the original, the better.

Original Data


(market leader)



For all kind of Data

Embrace the freedom of mixed data types with our innovative model. Up to now, all solutions for structured data have been limited to purely number-based information. Not with, because primary data is as diverse as life itself. With us, no information or correlation is lost, no matter how long the text is. We are working with tables, images, and textual data!  

Data Evaluation

Through data evaluation, we ensure our quality and the highest possible data security. At Tabularis, every data set generated is subjected to a rigorous review in order to reliably provide you with the results you can trust.

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