Open up your Data with Synthetic Data

You want to access, use, and share the Insights of your data with highest data security?
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Experience unparalleled data precision with our >99% accuracy,
streamline your operations with >50% time savings, while beeing 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Why use Synthetic Data?

Locked Data Dilemma?

Strict privacy regulations such as GDPR severely limit access to real customer data. This hampers companies' ability to gain valuable insights and share sensitive data without incurring privacy risks.

Unlocking Data Potential!

Synthetic data offer a groundbreaking solution by providing full access to information-rich datasets without using actual user data. This allows companies to conduct sensitive analyses while ensuring data security.

Static Data Struggle?

Real datasets are often set in stone and inflexible. Expanding or modifying them – to vary data volume or eliminate biases – can be costly and time-consuming, stifling data analysis dynamism.

Agile Data Dynamics!

Synthetic data restore flexibility and efficiency. Resize or modify your datasets as needed – quickly, cost-effectively, and without the usual barriers associated with real data.

Mockup Data Shortcomings?

While mockup data may suffice for certain tests, they fail to emulate the depth and complexity of real data. Crucial insights and correlations often go undiscovered, limiting their practical utility.

Data with Depth!

Our synthetic datasets reflect the complexity and nuanced correlations of real data without compromising on privacy and quality. Gain meaningful insights that empower informed decision-making.


Financial Services

High security standards for data handling are crucial for customer trust in the industry. Digital development needs to be fast to stay current. With Tabularis.AI, teams get synthetic work material in hours, not weeks, without losing substance.

HealthCare & Pharma

Synthetic patient records revolutionize healthcare innovation, ensuring compliance and utility. Our platform ensures secure data sharing and enhances machine learning. Tabularis.AI provides a full suite for data insights in healthcare, prioritizing data privacy and integrity.


Our synthetic data solutions revamp retail strategies with precision and compliance. They aid in managing customer churn and driving advanced recommendation systems. Tabularis.AI offers a solid foundation for AI applications, speeding up development while ensuring data privacy.


Tabularis.AI's synthetic data solution maximizes research data utility while protecting privacy and quality. It breaks down data silos, offering an enriched dataset for precise modeling, and facilitates compliance with privacy laws, enabling monetization of synthetic data or derived insights safely.


Tabularis.AI's synthetic data solutions enable full use of telecom data within GDPR bounds. Address customer churn, speed up AI development, and innovate beyond data retention regulations. Share realistic datasets swiftly and without restriction in the telecommunications sector.


Advance utility management with synthetic data for predictive maintenance, price forecasting, and fraud detection. Reduce costs and increase revenue using quality, compliant data to tackle key industry challenges.


Advance utility management with synthetic data for predictive maintenance, price forecasting, and fraud detection. Reduce costs and increase revenue using quality, compliant data to tackle key industry challenges.

Use Cases

Harness the transformative power of synthetic data to propel your organizational pursuits. From breaking data accessibility barriers to training cutting-edge AI models, synthetic data holds the key.

Data Democratization

Grant your entire team access to crucial data, fostering a culture of informed decision-making.

Global Data Sharing

Seamlessly transfer synthetic data iterations across boundaries and corporate entities, eliminating sharing hindrances.

Advanced Privacy

Leverage synthetic data to achieve unparalleled data confidentiality coupled with optimal utility.

Efficient Testing & Development

Utilize synthetic datasets to enhance software production quality while reducing development time.

AI/ML Optimization

Synthetic data sets the benchmark for training AI/ML, often outperforming real datasets.

AI Fairness & Transparency

Address inherent biases and bolster AI/ML explainability with the help of synthetic data.


Because we don't just provide fast, user-friendly, no-code, cost-effective access to synthetic data for everyone. Tabularis.AI is the unparalleled!

Highest accuracy available

With three years of meticulous development, our synthetic data generation stands unrivaled in accuracy. In the realm of precision, nothing compares!

Original Data


(market leader)



For all kind of Data

Embrace the freedom of mixed data generations with our innovative model. Whether dealing with tabular, visual, audio, or any diverse datasets, our product seamlessly processes them all together. Free your data, no matter what kind!

Data Evaluation

Through data evaluation, we ensure our quality and the highest possible data security. At Tabularis, every data set generated is subjected to a rigorous review in order to reliably provide you with the results you can trust.

Pioneer the Future of Data with Our Pilot Program

Discover the next generation of synthetic data utilization with's pilot program. We offer tailored solutions that are quickly implemented and cost-efficient. Seize this opportunity for a customized data solution that will revolutionize your business. Contact our team today!